The mission of Dominion Counseling and Training Center is to help individuals and families find agreement in the heart of God.

We first offer inner healing to individuals; leading them to Father God, and helping them understand who He is, and who they are in Him.

We encourage people to rise up and walk in who they are called to be. We Biblically answer the following questions: What is a father? Why are Fathers needed? What does it mean to be a husband? What does it mean to be a woman? How does a woman find identity? What is woman’s relationship to man? What is the role of a mother? Why is the nurture of a mother so desperately needed today? How can parents love their children and how can they restore relationship with them – no matter how old they are?

Individuals – men, women, and children – make up the nuclear family; the building block of society. Healthy families create healthy societies, and healthy societies create a healthy world in which we live. We endeavor to answer the questions: How can we thrive as a society? How can we as citizens of this planet heal the earth?

When we engage in restoring relationships, we restore all things, as mandated in Matthew 17:11.  We care most about what God cares about, and that is to help create the deepest level of relationships; with Him, with others and with ourselves.