Rev Trainer was introduced to healing ministry when she was “behind the chair dressing hair”.  She soon realized people poured their lives out to her and “a gift moved”.  Through her God gave “sound bites” of wisdom and direction people could take with them into their lives which brought about transformation.  People came back, again and again, delighted and encouraged by the real and lasting changes in their lives.

Dominion Counseling and Training Center, originally called The Father’s House Healing Center, was founded on July 7th, 1997 in response to Rev Jean Trainer’s revelation of the power of the Cross for reconciliation in all relationships. The Father’s House Healing Center was named after the pattern of the Tabernacle; the Father’s house within us.

In the spring of 2005 the Center moved from Chester to the East End of Richmond and the name was changed to Dominion Counseling and Training Center. Rev Trainer chose this name because, “This is what we do; we help people ‘take dominion’ over their lives through the power of Biblical principles and relationship with God.”