About Us

Dominion Counseling & Training Center (DCTC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry founded by Rev. Jean H. Trainer in 1997 to help people change their lives through Biblically based prayer ministry, counseling and agreement with God. We are a place of encouragement; offering restoration, healing, reconciliation and edification.

The Center operates by faith; funded by the generous contributions made by the individuals, organizations and communities we serve. Anyone may receive prayer ministry and counseling services regardless of financial status.

In addition to providing Biblically based prayer ministry and counseling services, DCTC trains and equips individuals seeking to enter the ministry. We host Elijah House 201 & 202 video facilitated training schools along with seminars on Healing Trauma, Shame, Overcoming Anger and Healing the Hearts of Our Children.

Rev. Jean H. Trainer serves as Director of DCTC. She is ordained by The Father’s House Church located in Richmond, Virginia. She has ministered in the field of Christian counseling since 1981 and provides oversight for all ministries of DCTC.

Dominion Counseling & Training Center enlists support, help and balance from a gifted and distinguished Board of Advisors including:

  • J. Scott Harding, Pastor – The Father’s House Church, Richmond, Virginia
  • Stephen Stells, Founding Pastor – Hope Point Church, Chesterfield, Virginia
  • Clay McLean, Director – McLean Ministries, Hickory, North Carolina
  • Michael Craft, Pastor – The River Church, Chester, Virginia
  • Mark Sandford, Director – Elijah Rain Ministries, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our Board of Directors:

  • Rev. Jean H. Trainer – President
  •  Martha Anthony – Vice President
  • Rev. James Daul – Secretary/Treasurer